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 Injury Prevention Strategies

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Injury Prevention Strategies

* Heed Injury Warning Signs
if you suspect you may have an injury, begin a preventative rehabilitation program to keep the damage to a minimum. Depending on the type of injury, this might mean using ice, anti-inflammatory medication, and above all, taking a rest day or two to allow the injury to heal. Continuing to run will only slow down the recovery process or even make the injury more serious. In addition, by favoring the injury and altering your natural running style, a secondary injury may develop. If your injury doesn't respond to rest and/or the rehabilitation measures just described, it is then prudent to seek the advice of a physician familiar with running and sports-related injuries.
* Hydration
Stay well hydrated to avoid heat injury.
* Use Fresh Shoes
Purchase a new pair of shoes when the mileage totals from your old shoes reach a maximum of 400 miles.
* Stretch Regularly
* Include Weight Training

* Add Some Cross-Training Activities
Be sure that these activities supplement your running rather than increase your level of fatigue that reaches the point of interfering with your running program.
* Utilize Recovery Techniques There are several therapeutic measures you can take to recover from stressful runs or from the cumulative effects of hard training over a long period of time. Massage therapy is great after a long run, hard race, and/or weeks of heavy training. Pouring cold water on fatigued legs after a race or long run is another therapeutic technique. Soaking your legs in a whirlpool with warm water (approximately 105 degrees) a couple of hours after a race or long run oftentimes aids in the recovery of fatigued muscles. Something as simple as taking a walk or going for an easy bike ride a couple hours after a hard workout also can work wonders for tired legs.
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Injury Prevention Strategies
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